Saturday, 28 February 2009

100 Truths - Tag From Fakhruddin

001. Real name -- Abdul Hadi bin Abdul Muti
002. Nickname(s) -- Adi
003. Zodiac sign -- Aries
004. Male or female -- Male
005. Elementary school -- Aku tak masuk tadika
006. Primary school -- Sekolah Keb Tg. Belanja, Parit, Perak(Darjah 1-5) Sekolah Keb Tmn Dusun
Nyiour,Seremban, Negeri 9
007. High school -- Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh
008. Hair colour -- Black
009. Long or short -- Soalan mcm berbaur lucah jerk. Hahahaha
010. Loud or quiet -- I choose loud
011. Sweats or jeans --Jeans kot
012. Phone or camera -- Phone which has camera function and atleast 5.0 mpxl.wahaha
013. Health freak -- Nope
014. Drink or smoke -- Of course not
015. Do you have a crush on someone -- Nope
016. Eat or drink -- Both. Ne blh mkn takde air nak minum. Tercekik kang..ha...
017. Piercings -- None
018. Tattoos -- i am, a am saying no to any any tattooing.
019. Been in airplanes -- sad...
020. Been in a relationship -- sad..again...
021. Been in a car accident -- Yup.when i was 7 if i'm not mistaken
022. Been in a fish fight -- Nope
023. Piercings -- None
024. First best friend -- I dont think i have any bestfriend coz all my fwen are my bestfwen
025. First award -- born as a muslim
026. First crush -- i dont have any crush and i hope i wont
027. First pet -- I dont have any pet. My mom doesnt allow me to have any.huhu
028. First big vacation -- Not really a big vacation...just small trip..kl...

029. Person you talked to -- Paghih..'yer..esk aku kejut la...'
030. Person you texted to -- Khai... sal assgmt ngan rugby match.huhu
031. Person you watched a DVD with -- skang da tak layan dvd sudeh...
032. Food you ate -- nasik + ikan keli + telor goreng
033. Movie you watched alone -- i've never watch movie alone
034. Song you listened to -- Somewhere only we know.Keane
035. Thing you bought -- STAR newspaper
036. Person you hugged -- cannot remember already...huhu

037. Food -- goreng pisang
038. Drinks -- carrot susu
039. Clothing -- Ntah la...ne2 yg smart and selese tue pakai r..
040. Flower -- sumer bunger same jerk...
041. You miss this one too, tots!(fakhruddin ckp)
042. Colours -- Green
043. Movies -- Geng: Upin & Ipin Adventure
044. Subjects -- Social Psychology...yor yor jerk.hahaha

IN 2008, I...
045. dunno wat to do staying in the house without any plan...
046. won LG flat screen t.v
047. went to Jom Masuk U Carnival.thats why i won the tv..hahaha
048. went to sleep at faris's house in klebang(always)
049. went back to my 2ndary school for the first time
050. attended tesco's interview
051. entered uitm kedah
052. joined debate club
053. made more friend
054. was made my first time to visit georgetown
055. had some quarrel with my parent about which option should i go to (matrix or uitm) haha
056. watched My Girl series
057. started to use facial wash
058. went to tg dawai
059. was quite good student in Sir Haswira's law 1 class...boooo...poyo...haha
060. was made my first time hang out with girls
061. went to attend cmai's wedding kenduri..haha
062. lost my beloved pendrive.a lot of sweet9 memories inside...heish...
063. made my facebook account
064. was taught by madam aslah,madam shaz, miss fatin, sir haswira, miss masniah, sir shahidan
065. dunno wat to say....
066. was happy totally

067. Eating -- empty bread
068. Drinking -- lipton tea
069. I'm about to -- see rugby match
070. Listening to -- dear god by avenged sevenfold
071. Plans for today -- go to cs
072. Waiting for -- my laundry
073. Want kids -- yep2. at least 4...haha
074. Want to get married -- of cos la...hoho
075. Careers in mind -- Lawyer...businessman..lecturer

076. Lips or eyes -- both
077. Shorter or taller -- shorter
078. Romantic or spontaneous -- dpends la...tgok situation gak..
079. Nice stomach or nice arm -- no idea...haha
080. Sensitive or loud -- both no
081. Hook-up or relationship -- Relationship
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant -- both no!

083. Lost glasses/contacts -- yup when i was in form 1
084. Snuck out of your house -- Never...
085. Held a gun/knife for self-defense -- Nope
086. Killed somebody -- giler per?
087. Broken someone's heart -- tak kot...
088. Been arrested -- nope
089. Cried when someone died -- yes
090. Yourself -- yes!!
091. Miracles -- with the power of God
092. Love at first sight -- dunno la...
093. Heaven -- for sure, yes!
094. Santa Clause --nonsense
095. Sex on the first date -- i am matured enough to differentciate between right and right
096. Kiss on the first date -- nope

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now -- nope
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life -- Not so sure
099. Do you believe in God -- yes! Allah the Almighty

100. Post a '100 truths' and tag 12 people

1.Faris uitm shah alam
9. Palo


Anonymous said...

banyak nye..yang chu nye pon ija lom wat lagi..lambat sket eyh..

Anonymous said...

lawak ar tag aku?
keje dah bertimbun tahap gunung jerai

fakhruddin said...

bila lagi nak ada awek?
haha cewah jd best student siot dalam klas.
aku? tak pernah pun. (i-i)

adi said...

soalan pasal awek lagi..

Lutfee~ said...

eh2,tq yer tag.. tp nanti aku buat eh.. bnyak keje aku xsettle lg.. hehe..


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