Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pernahkah merasa?

Do you ever feel you are so useless when someone who always depends on you are far better than you??

Do you ever feel you are so useless when someone is better than you but that person is fewer struggles than you and you are the one who put 200percent to achieve the target, but in the end, you are the loser one??

Haish..i am staring back at the dark sky


iqbalsyarie said...

sabar ea hadi...

rapturous said...

and im seeing that dark sky is smiling at me.
he said. loser will not always become a loser.
the sky give me a hint to compare everything with my own self and not always to others. im teaching myself to not giving up and appreciate the failure.
so, don't give adi :)

- abdul hadi abdul muti - said...

thanks iba ngan ina!!!
appreciate sgt!!=)

fakhruddin said...

just take it as a challenge, okay?? =]

Anonymous said...

of course!
muet lah..i think u know kan how i feel. hmm, maybe it's fated.


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