Saturday, 30 May 2009

Online shopping

Secare jujurnyer la..
Aku memang susah nak dapat baju yang memang muat2 untuk aku..
seluar pon samer..
Sumer besar jerk...
So nak pg shopping pon malas..

So aku rase online shopping ni macam best kot..
Coz boleh dapatkan baju yang aku nak tanpe memerlukan aku untuk carik2 seketul2 kat kedai las2 takde pon yang muat untuk aku..ha...

Aku Baru nak start beli2 baju kat internet ni..
So saper yang memang jual baju2 or ade tau label2 baju2 yang best2..
Bagi r link k??


* [ F y z a ] * said...!! hahah.. try it!

fakhruddin said...

wait a minute! how will you pay for the clothes? via credit card la kan? oho wow!

- abdul hadi abdul muti - said...

to * [ F y z a ] :

to fakhruddin :
money order also can maa...haha

riqzmie said...

hi,can we exchange our banner,if u dont have banner i still can post your link,please let me know after it done..

please come n view around my site and u will find the wonderful jewelry i made my self,place your order if u like it..thank

muhammad imran said...

here's a tee site, my current fav

but they're based in the US and i doubt they would accept money orders
and it'll probably take some time if u do order (postage etc)


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